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Epson Ink Pad Reset

Epson ink pad is a special capacity in the design of the printer. When using an inkjet printer, part of the ink flows into the ink pad. For the most part, this is ink that is used when cleaning the print head. In order to prevent ink from leaking from the pad, some Epson models use a software counter of spent ink. This counter compares the amount of ink that passed through the print head during its cleaning with the capacity of the absorbent pad. When the pad is filled, the printer is blocked and the error “A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its life” is displayed. To correct the error, it is necessary to programmatically reset the ink pad error and physically replace the absorbent material.

We bring you Epson Ink Pad Reset Keys from several major Ink Pad reset solution providers.


InkChip Adjustment Program

New program for ink pad reset. The program has in its functionality the ability to read and reset the ink counter. Available in multiple languages and supports a wide range of Epson printers. To reset the counter, you must have an Internet connection and an Ink Chip Key.


Print Help

Print Help is a fairly well-known program among printer repair engineers. The program has many service functions that are needed more for professional service engineers. In our opinion, the most useful features for the average printer user are the ability to reset the spent ink counter and the chipless firmware option. The program is available in English and russian. It is possible to use the program on Windows, MacOS and Linux. To use the reset counter and firmware functions, you need the Internet and the appropriate Print Help Key.

Epson Chipless Firmware

Chipless solutions are a better alternative to RC chips for compatible consumables such as continuous ink supply systems for Epson printers. Essentially, chipless firmware turns your Epson cartridge printer into an Eco Tank series printer. You just need to install the CISS and do not miss to refill the ink in time. After all, now your printer will not signal you about the lack of ink in any way and, accordingly, the printer will not be blocked by an error about the end of ink in the cartridges. An activation key is required to activate the chipless firmware.

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